There is something about Indiana’s community that makes it incomparable, a unique vibrance that allows anyone to thrive. In the business scene, it has been making a mark nationally—emerging as a promising landscape of success.

In 2023, Forbes named Indiana as the #1 state to launch a business, and in 2024, it sustained a high reputation by securing the second spot. If you are seeking an ideal place to start or expand your venture, look no further—welcome to Indiana. The challenges in establishing a startup can be manifold but a nurturing environment can help you grow and flourish.


Business-Friendly Climate

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Offering strong support for entrepreneurs, Indiana presents business-friendly regulations and streamlined registration processes. The state prioritizes making it easy and affordable to establish a business, highlighted by its low regulatory burden and a modest formation fee of $100.


Tax Advantages

With a flat 4.9% corporate income tax and personal income tax rate of 3.23%, Indiana boasts some of the lowest rates in the county. This helps businesses to maximize their profits and reinvest in operations. Additionally, there are several tax credits and incentives, and property tax abatements to reduce the financial burden on new businesses.


Financial Accessibility

Forbes has also noted Indiana’s impressively supportive financial environment. Small business owners can tap into various resources as grants, loans, venture capital, and other funding avenues to ensure sufficient capital. The average funding in Indiana stands at $24,502.


Low Cost of Living and Operating

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Affordability is another feature that further makes Indiana an appealing location. The state boasts a cost-of-living of 0.91, which is below the national average. Additionally, the property tax here is capped at 1% of a house’s assessed value, keeping property taxes affordable for homeowners. This means that both entrepreneurs and their employees can enjoy significant savings for business operations and their personal expenses.


Collaborative Community

Beyond low costs, Indiana’s charm reflects a strong sense of community. The state’s solid business survival rate of 77% showcases robust support systems aimed at fostering startup growth. Organizations such as the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Indiana Small Business Development Center and Elevate Ventures conduct mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and organize support groups for entrepreneurs. Here, you don’t strive alone. By choosing Indiana, you’re not just starting a business; you’re joining a community that is committed to your success.


Embrace the Best of Indiana Living

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Beyond being an excellent place for business, Indiana is a captivating place where you can truly live your best life. A welcoming atmosphere, with the warmth of Hoosier hospitality, makes newcomers feel right at home here. In Northeast Indiana, anchored by the dynamic city of Fort Wayne, you’ll discover a distinct blend of recreational, cultural and educational opportunities amid its 11-county expanse. Fort Wayne stands out as one of the fastest growing metros in the Great Lakes region. Its affordability, close-knit community, proximity to major cities in the Midwest, and exceptional quality of life make it a top choice for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle.

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