It’s no secret: we love sharing about what we love. From our favorite Fort Wayne spots, the seasonal delights that make our hearts dance, to the local causes that resonate deeply with us, our team takes great joy in letting you journey with us.

This love month, we’re giving you a glimpse of how the RFG celebrated Valentine’s Day. Indulging in sweet treats, savoring simple yet meaningful moments, and embarking on romantic getaways within and beyond Fort Wayne, our team undoubtedly had a blast!


Cory Allen’s Sweet Treats

With a quick visit to the local gem GK Baked Goods, Cory grabbed not only fresh flowers and delectable desserts—a perfect blend of local goodness to brighten up Valentine’s Day.


Leslie’s Busy Day

Leslie, ever dedicated, seamlessly blended her professional commitments with the day’s festivities. With a listing appointment, she showcased her unwavering passion for her clients and love for real estate.


Sarah’s Romantic Vow Renewal

Heading south for a touch of romance, Sarah and her husband celebrated love by renewing their vows in the picturesque setting of Florida, amidst the sunshine and tropical vibes.


Katie’s Intimate Meal at Home

Back in Fort Wayne, Katie transformed her home into a haven of culinary delights, crafting a meal that was as heartwarming as it was delicious.


Heather and Halle’s Miami Adventure

Always up for an adventure, Heather chose the vibrant city of Miami as the backdrop for her Valentine’s Day, spending quality time with her daughter, Halle.


Alison’s Family Bonding

As for Alison, the day was a beautiful blend of family bonding and a delicious home-cooked meal, creating memories that will be cherished for the years to come.


The Regan+Ferguson Group spent Valentine’s Day in diverse and heartfelt ways that showcased the true spirit of love and connection. These personal celebrations remind us of the importance of balance and cherishing the relationships that matter most. We hope you were able to express your love to those dear to you just as much. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to share your favorite Valentine’s Day memories—let love continue to flourish!