Guest blog by Al Hamed Jr., Hamed Homes President

Beyond brick and mortar, a house encompasses more than mere structure. In its walls, windows, and design, a compelling narrative unfolds—one fueled with visions and hopes. Immersed in the essence of a home, I consider it a gift to be in the business of transforming every family’s unique vision into the reality of a perfect dream home. It’s not just construction; it’s the art of crafting living dreams.


A Heritage of Craftsmanship

Top-quality craftsmanship and stylish charm pervade every custom home we build—this is what Hamed Homes has been known for. Established as A.F. Hamed Construction in 1978 by my father, Al Hamed Sr., we’ve been a leading custom home builder in Northeast Indiana for over 45 years.

Now, in its second generation, Hamed Homes upholds its esteemed reputation. As a second-generation home builder, I watched my father build this company from the ‘ground up,’ learning the intricate details needed to bring a home to fruition. Raised with a foundation of a firm handshake and good eye contact, my father instilled values of commitment and doing things right, regardless of circumstance. These core values, along with a strong emphasis on people and processes, remain paramount in navigating our daily operations.


Design Build: Crafting Unique Luxury Homes

What sets Hamed Homes apart is our dedication to a personalized experience. We don’t just build homes; we create dream residences through an all-encompassing design-build approach. 

Each client collaborates with our draftsman to design a truly custom luxury home. We never duplicate floor plans, ensuring each client designs their dream home. With two designers on our team, the design team focuses on each client’s unique wants, working to select the best aesthetics. Beyond floor plans and interior design, we offer assistance in selecting furnishings.

Having all three entities on the team ensures seamless coordination, allowing the furnishing team to contribute during floor plan creation. This approach guarantees every aspect of a client’s dream home is considered and accounted for.


A Business Woven by Intricate Relationships

Our distinctiveness lies not only in the structures we build but in the enduring relationships we cultivate. Growing up in the industry, I’ve had the privilege of working with the same crews my father did, fostering reliable, long-standing partnerships with craftsmen who understand the essence of our brand.

Apart from the team, we also treasure continued relationships with our clients. For Hamed Homes, the most rewarding moments extend beyond completed constructions.


Award-Winning Excellence

Upholding our dedication to luxury home building, we are honored to have been awarded several merits that stand as testaments of our exceptional aptitude at creating masterpieces: Parade of Homes – People’s Choice – Winner, Parade of Homes – Best Interior Design – Winner, and Parade of Homes – Best Landscape – Winner.

We’ve been in the business for over 45 years, yet our passion for building dream homes has never dwindled. Explore our portfolio and learn more about us through our website:, and connect with us through Instagram (@hamedhomes) and Facebook (@hamedhomes).

Let us build your dreams together.



For the past 12 years, Al Hamed, Jr. has led Hamed Homes as its President. With keen business acumen, consummate professionalism, and a visionary mindset that embraces thinking outside the box, Al has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His hands-on management style, combined with years of established business practices, guarantees that every project surpasses both company and client standards.