There’s always a purpose behind every life transition.

For Katie Rhinehart, one that is truly momentous was having the need for a bigger house in 2008 for her growing family. But because of the market crash at that time, they resorted to building their home. That experience sparked the idea of getting into the real estate industry—but with 3 young kids, she had to wait it out.

Nonetheless, she always helped friends enthusiastically with buying homes, decorating, and organizing in preparation for listing, and they always applauded her. During this phase, she also built a successful career in television advertising, creating a foundation for connecting with people, and forging strong relationships founded on trust.

In 2014, her real estate dreams finally came true. She loves meeting and seeing new homes every day so much that it didn’t feel like a job. Katie’s industry knowledge, and excellence in customer service helped her career skyrocket. She has received multiple industry accolades, but she credits her amazing clients for making her job so enjoyable that the awards come naturally.

There are three things that make Katie love real estate even more—whenever clients find exactly what they want in a property, when their offer is accepted, and when they finally get into their new homes. The drive to become better at what she does grows as she serves.

Katie has known the R + F’s Heather Regan for years, and during a recent Broker’s Open, she met Leslie where they discussed a chance to join the team. It was a full circle moment, as a few months prior, Katie was searching for an opportunity that will give her flexibility and stability, at the same time. Being a part of the R + F perfectly fit the bill.

With 8 years of industry experience, and in-depth knowledge and love for Fort Wayne as an area native, Katie is a true real estate professional. She goes above and beyond, and will do anything for a client. Simply put, she just gets things done for you. With her strong communication skills, and keen orientation to details, Katie offers customized solutions, carefully attending to every aspect to create effortless yet memorable experiences for clients.

Aside from being one of the Regan + Ferguson Group’s seasoned realtors, Katie serves as the Group’s listing manager. In that critical role, her primary goal is to give clients the utmost care and guidance throughout the listing process by coordinating all documentation, scheduling professional photography and open houses, inputting all listing information on the MLS, preparing weekly feedback summaries, managing and monitoring the listing along with the listing agent, and any and all other listing details.

Katie is married to Jon Rhinehart, who is a teacher at Jefferson Middle School. They have 3 boys—juggling them with busy, versatile activities has been key in building Katie’s strong time management, and attention to fine details. The family also has a Bichon Shih Tzu named Charlie. When she’s not doing real estate, Katie participates in USTA teams throughout the year, loves going to the lake and beach, and listens to true crime podcasts (Up and Vanished is her number one recommendation!).