Guest Blog by Jodi Golm

In 2010, I left my marketing career to step back and spend more time with my young family. At that turning point, I decided to pursue my life-long passion for design, and have been grateful for that decision every day. Out of the ashes of my corporate career, Manse and Moss Interior Design was born.

That metaphor applies to what I find appealing about working with design and branding—I love helping transform an old, tired space, logo or property that isn’t meeting my client’s needs anymore into something that brings joy and a sense of renewal and optimism.

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As a self taught designer, I enjoy the creative process of working with clients to make their spaces more practical and personal. Although I didn’t have a professional background in design, sometimes to succeed, you just have to start.

Manse and Moss services extend to residential and commercial interiors, space planning and brand development. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with over one hundred local families and businesses to improve their spaces or even design them from the ground up.

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Every designer has their own personal style, aesthetic and perspective. I, for one, love incorporating authentic, older elements with modern design into a space. But my ultimate goal is not to impose my own aesthetic, but to help clients bring their personality to life in a room—incorporating what they love, and reflecting their unique characteristics through custom design.

Making this happen does not need to be expensive, you just have to have a good eye for value. Mixing luxe finishes, as well as good finds and bargains can evoke a more complete picture than simply staying in one style or price bracket.

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In sourcing materials, I am pretty eclectic. I don’t think it is very interesting to go into a space and see everything from the same store or straight out of a showroom or magazine. A mix is more interesting and better reflects who we are as people. Not many people will only wear one brand of clothes, or read one author. It is contrast and variety that often makes us feel more engaged and take notice. This principle applies to design as well. 

When a client says, “We just love being in here, we love the space, and are here all the time,” I always get a sense of fulfillment. I love helping people love their homes so much more, and this is truly the most rewarding part of what I do.

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Each and every time I work with someone, it is a partnership and so a good client fit is essential. The design process often comes down to trust. To achieve the best end result for everyone, I operate on referral basis only. Since I have a limited amount of time, I want to make sure I’m investing in clients with like mindedness and similar design intention to allow us to really have fun in the process.

Guest blog writers are asked to impart some words of wisdom regarding their field, and so for anyone wanting to improve their space, my thoughts are:

1) Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Creative results often depend on doing so.

2) You are hiring a person as much as a portfolio of work. Find a designer you like and trust.

3) Your space should be a reflection of you. Celebrate the quirky aspects of your personality in your home.



Designer Jodi Golm is a Fort Wayne native who lives in Huntertown area. She and her husband have two teenage daughters, 2 dogs, and a cat. Jodi loves to travel but she also loves being home, and welcoming people inside. By designing homes from every minute detail, her personal mission is to help people love staying at home more too.

In 2018, her family moved to the designer’s modern farmhouse she built on a wooded property north of Fort Wayne. It is a Georgian Style country home reflective of her family’s Midwestern roots, where old elements marry the new. With a beautiful blend of European antiques and American trends, their home has drawn attention and been featured in and Indianapolis Monthly.