Art-filled, food-diverse, brimming with festivities, boasting of nature and wildlifeFort Wayne, Indiana is a fascinating midsize metropolitan area in the heart of the Midwest that can easily captivate you with its passionate and appealing community. It is poised to welcome you to stay a while, or even better, live the upcoming chapters of your life here. Savvy development, abounding opportunities, and a great quality of living await you.

With so much to offer, it is not a surprise that Fort Wayne has been gaining national accolades year after year, topping list after list.


Aside from usual housing metrics, the Wall Street Journal and collaboration also placed a spotlight on non-housing indicators, in order to effectively help buyers identify housing markets that are not only good places to invest, but also those that offer attractive lifestyle amenities where you are likely to enjoy living. Using a slate of economic vitality, quality of life, and housing market metrics, they released an Emerging Housing Markets Indexwhere Fort Wayne ranked #3 among the largest 300 metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The trend further showed that smaller and more rural housing markets are becoming the hottest new places to live.


Considering quiet neighborhoods that offer quaint charms, low cost of living and access to countless amenities, Fort Wayne was named among the 150 best places to live in the U.S. It is an excellent location to buy your home, build a career, start a business, and have kids. To be included on top of the list, a place had to offer good value, have a strong job market, offer a high standard of living, and be a desirable place to stay.


Gaining the #2 rank among the 150 most populous cities in the country, US News & World Report mentioned that staying in Fort Wayne could do wonders for your walletwith the cost of living at 19.31 percent of the median household income in the area. Ready to have the time of your life at a more affordable rate?


For Americans younger than the age of 35, Fort Wayne is one of the ideal places to buy a home. Landing on the #9 spot, the homeownership rate among those younger than 35 was 41.24% in 2019. This shows a 3.32 percentage point growth over the previous 10 years.


Many are still on the move from one place to another, with factors such as relocating due to new work arrangements, low interest rates to be maximized, and growing companies bringing talent to Fort Wayne. These reports and rankings are intended to help you choose among the most worthwhile options and make the most informed decision.

Looking for a new city to call your home? Fort Wayne just might be “the one” for you. Let us show you around.

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