Spring is fully here, and with it comes the traditional urge for a good spring cleaning—especially important for the outside of your home. 

Post-winter home sprucing is a priority in the Midwest as residents experience extremely cold air and precipitation during the ravages of winter. Routine maintenance can help prevent more costly repairs as well as keep your home in prime condition. 

Here are some tips to get your house spring-ready:

1) Clean Yard and Gutters

Maintaining cleanliness in your lawn can make a world of a difference to your home’s curb appeal. Clearing your lawn of any fallen branches and leaves will make the grass underneath healthier and greener than ever before.

It is also important to check your gutters, as fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris can cause blockages and draining problems—an issue you don’t want to encounter during heavy spring rains.

2) Check for Damage

During the harsh winter, snow and ice can cause damage to the exterior. Consider making it a habit to inspect your foundation—better to catch problems earlier than later.

If you have a wooden exterior, you can check for wood rot with a good pressure wash followed by repainting any exposed areas to protect underneath.

3) Touch Up Paint and Siding

Take advantage of the chipper spring weather to repaint your home’s exterior or repair exterior siding damage. Cold weather can chip at paint, while the accompanying wet weather can cause siding damage that could lead to unwanted rot and mold. You can even prevent yourself from future frustrations by repairing damage with weather durable siding and paint! Or, top it all off with a cheerful spring color to celebrate the season.

4) Upgrade Landscaping

What better activity to symbolize the beauty of spring than to grow something? Unleash your inner artist and celebrate new growth with a fresh garden or landscape! A garden or landscape full of fresh seasonal flowers is one of the best ways to bring soothing outdoor views into our homes.

If your yard is too limited for a garden, you can still spruce up your space with houseplants, succulents, and kitchen herbs.

5) Check Chimney

Even if it was a mild winter, high winds, rain, and snow can harm your chimney. Assess any damage by looking for cracks, missing mortar, loose bricks, and signs of rot. Rust on the cap of a chimney can also be a sign that it’s time to call for repairs. 

6) Schedule a Biannual HVAC Appointment

The last thing you want on sweltering summer days is a broken air conditioner. If your air conditioning system wasn’t running up to par last season, now is the time to contact your contractor so you can stay cool through the hot summer months. Pro tip: make sure your contractor is making actual repairs, rather than just adding refrigerant for a long-lasting solution.

8) General and Deep Cleaning

During those harsh Midwest winter months, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of hibernation in our homes outside of essential trips to work, school, or the store. Many areas of the home often go neglected and spring is the perfect time to attack those spots you’ve been putting off.

Dust off outdoor furniture, uncover that pool—and get ready to soak in the sun!