This holiday season is a bit different. We find it isn’t only about connecting and making memories with family and friends, it’s also about remembrance and gratitude, about extending thanks, and about doing simple things that make a difference — no matter how small. Eventually, acts of kindness create ripples of hope and change that have a far broader impact than we can even imagine.
So this December, Regan Ferguson Group launched the “7 Days of Giving” to support the meaningful missions of various local groups. We tasked our 7 team members to select and share an organization that is dear and meaningful to them. The Regan Ferguson Group was honored to contribute to the following special organizations on behalf of our team.
Day 1: Gift of Music (Cory Allen)
With music always playing an integral part in his life, Cory chose Audiences Unlimited Inc. because they bring music, arts and culture to members of the community with limited access and the greatest need.
It all started with Lillian Embick’s vision in 1992 to bring joy and attention to those in nursing homes. Now, it has reached more than 2.8 million audience members.
Learn more about the mission and communities served >> Right Here
Day 2: Hunger Alleviation (Sarah Baldus)
Sarah wanted to shine the spotlight on the reality that hunger still exists in every corner of the United States. In Fort Wayne, the Community Harvest Food Bank continually puts forth a massive effort in alleviating hunger through the full use of donated food and resources. It helps nearly 85,000 individuals each year and has distributed 14.25 million meals in 2020. 
Sarah understands that such widespread food insecurity is hard to imagine “in our land of wealth and plenty,” yet so many go without this basic life need. This is why we’re fortunate to have this grassroots organization in our community. 
Learn more about Community Harvest Food Bank >> Right Here
Day 3: Pet Rescue (Donna Del Priore)
A lover (and owner!) of dogs and a long-time volunteer, Donna chose Perfect Paws Pet Rescue for Day 3 of Giving. The love for pets of all sizes, ages, breeds, and breed mixes abounds in Perfect Paws Pet Rescue – an all-volunteer, certified 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization that is dedicated to placing dogs from unfortunate circumstances in loving, permanent homes.
“Dogs have always been a huge part of my family and my life and there are many rescues for full-breed dogs, but not many for mixed breeds. Helping dogs who are found as strays, that don’t do well in shelters, or are in homes that aren’t working out, find new, loving homes is very rewarding to the volunteers, the new families, and these deserving dogs,” shared Donna.
Learn more about Perfect Paws Pet Rescue >> Right Here
Day 4: Gift of Love and Security (Leslie Ferguson)
Even one child suffering abuse and neglect is too many — this is why Leslie chose SCAN Inc. for her Day of Giving. According to a report by the Children’s Bureau of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Indiana has the second-highest abuse rate in the nation. 
SCAN’s mission is to protect children, prepare parents, strengthen families, and educate communities to Stop Child Abuse and Neglect. “The need is so great, and we are so fortunate to have this grassroots organization in our community,” added Leslie.  
Learn more about SCAN >> Right Here
Day 5: Giving Back (Emily Harris)
The 5th Day of Giving was all about giving back to those who have done so much for our country, while asking nothing in return — Indiana’s veterans.
Emily saw first-hand the impact Our Turn to Serve has on saving the lives of veterans after she served on the board when the local organization was formed. This incredible non-profit provides home renovations to disabled veterans, and matches veterans suffering from PTSD with service dogs.
Learn more about Our Turn to Serve >> Right Here
Day 6: Extending Grace (Heather Regan)
Hope and grace — these are the things offered by Charis House, a home for women and children experiencing homelessness. Charis House helps women and children heal and move forward by offering programs on recovery from self-defeating choices, spiritual growth, and life skills, among others.
Heather wanted to support the Charis House this holiday because she has a deep-rooted passion for our community and doing whatever she can to help other women succeed. “Having been a working single mother myself and experiencing some of life’s obstacles, I felt that this organization struck me the most,” Heather admitted.
Learn more about Charis House & @fwrescuemission >> Right Here
Day 7: Gift of Love and Compassion (Lizzy Traylor)
Lisa’s Legacy is the final beneficiary of RFG this holiday season. Its mission is to provide gift bags to help spark compassionate conversations between the giver and the person struggling with loneliness, depression, loss of a loved one, divorce, or any other difficult life event.
On why she chose Lisa’s Legacy, Lizzy shared that the mission behind the organization really spoke to her. “It’s not easy to broach the subject of loss and these gift bags help deliver love and comfort when it’s most needed,” she said.
Learn more about the story behind Lisa’s Legacy >> Right Here

Seven days, seven institutions, and seven unique missions that are all important, life-changing, and inspiring. Our support to these organizations this holiday season is a small way of showing our massive appreciation to the many selfless groups in Fort Wayne and our surrounding communities that work hard with meaningful missions to make life better for others.

If you’re reading this and it sparks a fire in your heart to make your holiday a little more meaningful as well, go ahead — carry that torch and pass it on.