Considering listing your home for sale? One of the first steps in selling your home is working with a Realtor to determine the list price. Going active with the right asking price is key to selling your home quickly.

While it is tempting to look to online real estate sites for estimates of your home’s value, these tools do not provide a perfect picture. Instead, an expert real estate agent can assess a variety of factors to determine a more accurate price. Below are the key elements we look at when determining how much your home is worth.


Buyers will often narrow their initial home search based on desired areas or neighborhoods. A home’s proximity to schools, transportation, parks, or shopping can impact the overall appeal and market demand.  

Comparable Listings

Your agent will analyze the sale prices for similar homes sold in the recent past. This information provides a clearer picture of what buyers are willing to pay for homes of a similar size in your area.


The condition of your home can significantly affect how much buyers are willing to offer. Well maintained or recently renovated homes are priced higher than properties that may require immediate repairs and investments. Your agent can provide guidance on which improvements can most effectively yield a higher asking price. 


The local real estate market can also affect your home’s value. In a seller’s market (when housing stock is limited and demand is high), your home may receive stronger offers because buyers are competing for limited options. The market trends can also show us whether home values in your area are increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady.

If you want to learn more about how much your home is worth, contact our team for a no-pressure consultation. We are happy to share our expertise so you are well-equipped with the right information before you sell.